Time for Change


Change is good...right? Of course it is! That is why I have spent the past few weeks thinking seriously about the future of ReClick Photo and the direction I want it to go in the coming years. Sometimes its good to take a step back and re-evaluate things. So what does this mean for the future? To sum it up in one word, change. Change can mean a lot of things, but it terms of ReClick Photo, it means an evolution of vision and exciting times ahead!

What Changes lie ahead?

Firstly before I delve fully into all the changes that lay ahead, I want to just take a moment to assure you that there are many elements which will stay the same. Photography, digital photo retouching and restoration has been the heart of ReClick Photo from day one, and this will not change. I think I have kept you I suspense long enough, now I will tell you about what exciting things I propose for ReClick Photo in the coming weeks and months ahead.


A brand new look

Identity is an important aspect of our everyday lives, what we wear, our choice of hairstyle, and our physical appearance are all part of who we are as people. With time and changing circumstances all these aspects change to reflect who we are at a particular moment of time. This is our identity. From the very beginning it was important to me for ReClick Photo had its own identity, which was uniquely reflective of it as a business. With the many changes I will be making in the months ahead I think it is important not only to me, but to ReClick Photo that need to be reflected in the visual appearance of not only the website but through out all the social media out lets and other aspects of the business. This might mean a new colour scheme, logo, or maybe even name change. For now I want to keep this a little bit of a secret, as I want you to enjoy it as a big reveal when everything is all finished.


Art & craft

The biggest addition will be a whole new section dedicated to art and craft. Ever since I was a young child I have been fascinated with all things art and craft. In my spare time there are many different craft hobbies that I enjoy and now I want to incorporate them into ReClick Photo. To do this, I am planning to not only sharing my experiences with various crafts with you, I would love to showcase them and provide you with the opportunity to learn how to do them via tutorials and online courses. I love to try out new art and craft activities and I want to share my experiences with you. Through reviews I want to provide you with tips and essential information that you would need prior to trying a new craft activity.


My creative life

For the first time, I want to open the doors into my creative life. I want to share with you my process, how I take an initial idea and how I develop it through a series of steps before it becomes a finished work. I draw inspiration from many places, books, museums, art galleries, to name a few. I want you to experience some of that journey with me. At heart I think I'm a bit of a cultural explorer, I am always on the look out for somewhere new to visit, whether it be a new gallery, a travelling exhibition, or a historic property I haven't had the chance to visit and I want to take you along to experience the adventure with me.


New additions to the shop

With all the additions to ReClick Photo in the months ahead, it is important that the shop reflect those changes too. In addition to the existing shop stock, I want to offer a more diverse range of products in the shop. I am currently planning a range of items that not only can be posted out to you, they can be emailed to you as well! This means that you will be able to buy digital items as well as physical products such as digital copies of artworks, photographs, patterns, online courses and many more.

I really hope you are as excited as I am about what lies ahead. Needless to say change sometimes means disruption, so as things progress you might notice areas of the website might be taken offline to complete work on the update. I will keep you informed about these works via social media. I hope this will not cause too much disruption and inconvenience. This is the first step in a new adventure for ReClick Photo and I really hope you will join me and enjoy the transformation as it happens.


Thanks for reading!


Hugh at ReClick Photo.