ReClick Photo News

It has been really quite exciting here at ReClick Photo of late. Let me tell you what's been happening.

View of Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Last weekend I had a fantastic time visiting the magnificent city of Edinburgh. My Camera went with me, so I have lots of images I want to share with you and I'm looking forward to telling you about some of the historic and cultural attractions I had the chance to visit. Starting next week, I will tell you all about my sightseeing adventures in a series of posts on the ReClick Blog. The image is  looking down on to Princes Street. It is a city which has inspired artists, musicians, and writers over the centuries, and walking about the streets I could not help but feeling inspired myself.

Image preparation and editing is going well, as I may have said earlier I do have a little bit of a image stockpile which I am meticulously going through. The main reason for this is to make them available to you to buy as prints in the ReClick Photo Shop. I am planning to write a blog post all about my image preparation and editing process to show you how I prepare each image for sale. So please look out for that coming soon.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.