#PhotoFriday- Memory of a childhood holiday

Happy #PhotoFriday every one! This week’s instalment follows on from last week’s image of The Lytham Windmill. As you can see the Windmill is still in view but this week’s image features the former Lytham Lifeboat station located on Lytham Green which lies directly next to Irish Sea and close to the mouth of the River Ribble. These photographs are the start of a series of images I took visiting Lancashire earlier this year. I will be featuring these throughout ReClick Photo and all our social media profiles.

The Former Lytham Lifeboat Station, and Lytham Windmill.

The Former Lytham Lifeboat Station, and Lytham Windmill.

As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I have visited Lancashire many times, especially when I was a child. In the 1980’s we a s a family often travel to Blackpool by car and to appease my sister and I’s constant enquiries of “ are we nearly there yet?” like many families my parent splayed the first person to see the Blackpool Tower gets 20p game. Granted the Tower was our first landmark to let us know we were on holiday, but for me once I saw one of the windmills around Blackpool I knew we only minutes away from being able to get out the back of my Grandpa’s over accommodated Mini.

Now visiting this area of the country brings back to memory all the great memory of childhood holidays. It really made me think about how my expectations regarding going on holiday has changed. Now I like to have everything planned, often with a list of things I want to see when I ma there, pre-booked certain attractions, and maybe theatre tickets ahead of time. Researched the Hotel I’m staying in, make sure it has an en-suite, planned the journey there and back, when I arrive at the hotel, make sure the room is nice and clean (especially the toilet and shower). Back when I was a kid my main concerns was just getting there as quick as I could, have as much fun as I possibly could, and then cried all the way home it the car because I didn’t want to leave! 

Visiting Lytham again and seeing the windmill and the lighthouse station brought back many happy memories of playing on the green, being fascinated by the windmill (it was the first windmill I had ever seen in real life) tram rides, etc. This was the second time I had visited the area in recent years with my camera, and I have a feeling it wont be my last.

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