You can now subscribe to our blog.

I hope you are enjoying the newly formatted ReClick Photo in its new home. the main reason moving it to be part of our website is so that it it can be easily accessible to everyone. To add to this we have now added two new subscription features so that you can sign-up for free so you can be alerted every time a new blog post has been posted.

The first way to subscribe is via the sign up button at the top of our blog web page. By entering your name and email address into the form and followings the simple instructions you will be able to sign-up to our blog email notification system completely free of charge. 

The second option is via Bloglovin'.  If you are a member of Bloglovin' all you need to do is click on the icon on our blog page and you have subscribed. You will find a Bloglovin icon at the bottom of every page on our website. For those who do not have a Bloglovin' account then please subscribe via our sign-up button.

A little extra feature on our blog posts is the share feature. If you like a particular post and you want to share it with your friends and family, well now you can! At the end of every post you will see small social media icons, click the appropriate icon and share! 

I really do hope you are enjoying the new look ReClick Photo and all it's new features. I am currently hard at work on setting up the ReClick Photo Online store. So please stay tuned for the announcement of its opening date! 

Thanks for reading! 

Hugh at ReClick Photo.