My Funny Valentine

With the sales of red roses and large boxes of chocolates set to go through the roof over the next week in time for Valentine's Day, have you ever thought of surprising that special someone in your life with a totally different and comically funny valentines gift? This year for Valentine's Day, why not take a special photograph of you and send it to me here at ReClick Photo, and for the small sum of £5.99 I can perform a digital face-swap, and send the finished result straight back to your inbox for you to then do with as you wish. Let's take a look at a demonstration of what I could do.

couple romantic love valentines day happy photographFeatured above is my choice of image from my favourite free-to-use public domain image website, As you can see, this image is perfect for a face swap, as both people are looking straight at the camera. For best results we need both of the faces to be looking in the same direction. Let's take a look at the finished result than I can tell you how it was done.

valentines day valentine couple romance retouching gift present photographWhat do you think? An Image like this will make everyone laugh, it will certainly be a talking point! To achieve this I first loaded the original image into my image-editing software where I carefully selected both faces and made a copy of them. Next I superimposed the faces onto its new body. Once positioned, I began to blend the faces into the existing heads. This meant blending the two skin tones, blending the new face with the existing hairline and ears etc. The main objective is to make it look as realistic as possible.

To give an image of your choice the ReClick Photo Face-Swap treatment all you have to do is send your images to me via email to and I will start the transformation!  I all I ask is that you make sure that both people in the image are looking in the same direction. The finished image will be sent to you directly via email where it will be yours to do what ever you wish with it! Please note you will not be asked for payment until you are satisfied with the transformation. Upon receiving payment your final higher resolution image will be emailed to you directly.

For only £5.99 you can surprise your loved one with a thoroughly amusing and completely different valentines gift this year! Times running out so please contact me soon so not to be disappointed! Please bear in mind that this is not only a great gift for Valentines Day it would be a fantastic gift for a birthday, wedding anniversary etc.

For more information about ReClick Photo and the work that I do, please visit the website at

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo