Retouching: Look Spook-tacular for Halloween!

With Halloween nearly upon us I hope your preparations are going well. Whether you are young or old, Halloween is enjoyed by many people all over of the world. If this year you do not have the time, or just simply can't be bothered with dressing up, then don't worry help is at hand! Here at ReClick Photo I can give you a spook-tacular digital makeover that you can share on your favourite social media sites or to hang on your wall at home to scare your family and friends! let's take a look at an example of what I can do.

fashion girl pose smile hair advert

Here we have a free to use public domain image from As you can see the subject is not really evoking the spirit of Halloween. What can I do to remedy this situation? Here is what I want to achieve with this project:

  1. Make the subject look like something synonymous with Halloween e.g. witch, werewolf, vampire etc.
  2. To ensure that the subject is still recognisable after retouching.

Would you like to see the finished result before I explained how I managed to achieved it?

fashion girl witch halloween scary spooky retouching pose smile hair advert

What do you think? Certainly a transformation! Here is how I achieved it:

  1. Firstly I reduced the size of some the features of the girls face, i.e. the nose, point of her chin, etc. to make them look sharper.
  2. I then lengthened her chin and pushed in the sides of her face, making a more sculptured face.
  3. To achieve a more witch-like appearance, I then started to recolour certain areas of the image such as her face, arms, hands, and hair in various shades of green, grey and black.
  4. To brake up the smoothness of the subjects skin I applied a little texture to it to give the illusion of blemishes, spots, etc.
  5. For the eyes to really stand out, I decided to recolour them a bright red so they would contrast strongly with the green of the skin.
  6. Finally I flipped the image so it would be a mirror image of the original. The reason to do so was so I could use both the original and retouched images together, giving an impression of good and evil.

Would you like to see the finished comparison image?

advert girl witch scary spooky hair beauty girl smile Halloween

In order to look totally fang-tastic for Halloween why not send me an image of your choice for a free quote. Starting from as little as £9.99, you can have your spook-tacular image in time for Oct 31st.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, if you would like more information about ReClick Photo's Halloween Digital Makeover Service please click here -

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Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.