Cables, Flag Poles, Sign Posts - Oh My!!

Sadly sometimes the image that you want to capture simply does not exist. So what can we do? Just take the best photograph you can at the time and with a little digital tweaking you will get the image you want. Let's take a look at an example of what I am talking about. monument landmark victorian nautical architecture history Decimus Burton

Located within the seaside town of Fleetwood, Lancashire are two magnificent examples of early Victorian lighthouses which are still in operation. Built in conjunction the 28 metre tall Upper Lighthouse (also known as the Pharos Lighthouse), and the smaller 10 meter tall Beach Lighthouse (also known as The Lower Light) were built to the designs of the architect of the new town of Fleetwood Decimus Burton and Captain H. M. Denham.

Whilst at sea, when both lighthouses are in alignment ( the light of the Upper lighthouse positioned directly above the light of The Beach Lighthouse) then as long as a vessel follows the guideline projected by the lights then they will enter the Wyre Estuary safely.

As you can see from the image above there are many elements which are taking the focus away from the lighthouse itself, so in true ReClick Photo fashion I will work my magic in transforming the image into the best it can be. Would you like to see the finished result before I explain how I achieved it?

monument landmark victorian nautical architecture history Decimus Burton

What do you think? I hope you are agree with me that the image has been greatly improved. As you can see there has been a number of elements removed, if you don't want to play a game of spot the difference here is a list of what has been removed:

  • The lightning conductor on the lighthouse.
  • An unused bracket of the railing at the top of the lighthouse.
  • The sign post.
  • The overhead tram lines.
  • The telephone posts.
  • The flags and flagpoles.
  • A few imperfections, and damage to the sandstone of the lighthouse.

To continue the retouching process further I turned my attention to the emphasising the main subject , the lighthouse, itself. To do this, I worked on the light and shade. To draw attention to the Lighthouse I lightened it before darkening the outer edges of the image in order to frame it. To finish, I carried out a few further adjustments such as curves, brightness/contrast, exposure etc. Let's take a look at the before and after comparison to see the how much difference the retouching process has made.

The Pharos Lighthouse Before and after retouching.

Whilst things such as road signs, telephone posts, and cables are vital in the real world, when it comes to a photograph thankfully you can remove them without causing any devastating effects.

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Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.

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