Fashion Faux Pas Part 2 - Tattoos


Love them or hate them, tattoos have been around for centuries in many cultures all over the world.  The practice of tattooing has many purposes. As we all know, its most common use is for cosmetic purposes. Some tattooing fascinating facts:

For most people, a lot of time and thought goes into deciding what design they want and what tattooist does the work. But on the the flip side of the coin, there are those who make a spur of the moment decision (often after a few adult strength 'Lemonades') and have to live with the consequences later. 

Here at ReClick Photo, those unwanted tattoos do not have to spoil your photos any longer. Why not send them to us and I can make your tattoos disappear. Would you like to see a couple of examples of what I can do? Let's get started with our first image.

Girl with hairline tattoo.

What I wish to achieve with this image:

  • Remove the tattoo, without altering the existing hairline.
  • Leave the skin as smooth as possible, without any unnecessary blemishes.

Lets get to work. Retouching hair, in my opinion can be a difficult and lengthy process. So when trying to digitally remove a tattoo from the hairline, it defiantly is a bit of a challenge. The method I use is to clone the existing skin around the tattoo and cover over it with a soft brush with the opacity reduced to 45%, slowly building up the coverage. Whilst doing this, some of the stray hairs from the neck hairline have been lost, so with a very fine brush I draw in individual hairs. giving it a more natural look. This takes a little time, but the result it worth it. Finally I use the healing brush to smooth out any blemishes left with the removal of the tattoo. Lets take a look at the finshed result:

Girl with hairline tattoo- retouched.

What do you think? Let's move on to an example featuring a more extensive tattoo.

Girl with floral tattoo.

That is certainly a large tattoo! Let's make it disappear. Using the exact same methods as the image above, I slowly worked on this image so that the tattoo would disappear. Unlike the previous image, with this one we have a diffent problem to deal with - shadowing. Here it is not only the skin that need retouching, the shadows do too. As the shadows are slightly transparent, the tattoo can be seen there also. To remedy this i just clone the surrounding shadow over it and the problem area disappears. As I did with the first image, I smoothed out the blemishes on the skin caused by the removing of the tattoo with the healing brush, and then the job is done. Lets take a look at the finished image:

Girl with floral tattoo - retouched.

A definite transformation! Now you can see that digital tattoo removal can be done. If you have photos where you have an unwanted tattoo on show, why not send it to me at and I'll do everything I can do to help.

If you have enjoyed reading this post, you can catch up With the first part here. Stay tuned for our new post coming soon - Fashion Faux Pas Part 3 - Hair.

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Hugh at ReClick Photo.