Fashion Faux Pas Part 1 - Makeup.


How many times have we all decided to try out something different? Whether its is a change of hairstyle, a new make up look, or a different style of clothing? In the end on how many occasions have we looked at photographs of ourselves with our new look and wondered what on earth were we thinking? Over the next few blog post I'm going to show you how here at ReClick Photo I can help. Todays post is all about makeup.

Athough I am a guy, and not someone who wears makeup (well maybe just a few times when going to fancy dress parties!), I know when someone has made a makeup disaster. Let's take a look at our image:

As you may have guessed this is not me in fancy dress, it is an image I found on my favourite stock image website  It is a public domain image which can be used for commercial purposes. Here is the is the link to it :

The lady shown above is modelling a rather distinctive makeup look. As it may not to be to some peoples taste, I thought I would demonstrate how here at ReClick Photo I can give you a digital makeover! Let's get started.

This is what I want to achieve with this project:

  • Create a much more natural makeup look.
  • Only retouch the makeup, and no alterations to be made to the models facial features.

Image retouched.

What do you think? I thought that it would be a good idea to create a look that was the opposite of the image above. I wanted to show how the model would look with her make up applied in neutral tones. So how did I mange to achieve it? First step was to remove the brightly coloured makeup, in other words a digital washing of the face. Next step was to work on the new look.  Working from the existing facial skin tones, I started to build up the neutral colours, digitally reapplying the makeup. I then amended the colour of the models jewellery in order for them to complement her new look. With a small levels adjustment the image was finished.

As you can see, here at ReClick Photo we are here to help with any fashion faux pas caught on camera. Over the next few blog posts you will see that it's not only makeup disasters that we can help you with, so please stay tuned.

If you have any images that you wished to be given a digital makeover, then please dont hesitate in contacting me  at No matter how bad the the faux pas is, we are here to help.  Don't worry I will not judge, I grew up in the 1980's - the decade in which I discovered hair gel and sported multicoloured tracksuits. Need I say more?

Thanks for Reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.

P.S. Remember to stay tuned for our next thrilling instalment!