Just leave it alone!

Maybe I really shouldn't be sharing this; sometimes when it comes to image retouching, just leave it alone! Everyone of us when we have a camera in our hands are on the ultimate quest for capturing the 'perfect' photograph. What is the 'perfect' image? I firmly believe that there isn't one! That may sound controversial, and I'm sure there are many of you out there will disagree with me. Let me elaborate on what I mean by that statement. I do not believe in complete perfection. As far as art is concerned, there has never been a work of art created, nor will ever be produced in the future that everyone will like, let alone love. Art is a matter of taste, it is totally subjective. What one person loves, another hates. Whilst at University I quickly realised that the search for perfection is utterly futile.

If perfection is unachievable, what is possible? What I strive for is a sense of completion, being happy and content with what I have achieved. knowing that I could not do anything more to enhance what has been created. Sometimes the skill in creating a piece of art is not adding further to it, but knowing when to stop.

As I have demonstrated over previous blog posts, sometimes taking a photograph is just the start of the the creative process. Today I will show you an example that sometimes, when it comes to photography, a click of a button can compress the whole creative process into a fraction of a second.  Lets take a look at the image:

View of Loch Lomond

What a beautiful view! This photo was taken whilst visiting the picturesque village of Luss on the banks of  Loch Lomond. Surrounded by a large number of people all with their cameras, I stood at the end of the pier and took as many photographs as I could. Thankfully we are now in the age of the digital camera, we are only limited by the capacity of our SD cards.

What effect has that had on our photography? To be able to take thousands of photographs at a time is a fantastic thing. On the other hand, when you are limited to the amount of photographs you can take it makes you think a little bit more. You really take into consideration everything before clicking the button on your camera. When you have only one 24, or 36 exposure roll of film at hand you don't want to waste it.

Maybe a helpful exercise for us all would be to only leave enough room on our SD card for 24 or 36 photos. It would be interesting to see if we would approach taking a photograph in a different way.

I'm sure there will be some of you would look at the image above and want to change a few things about it. But for me I'm delighted with it the way it is. As the title of this blog post says, I have decided to just leave it alone.

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Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.