Christmas '83

I know what you are thinking, why am I showing Christmas themed pictures in the middle of July? There really is a method to my madness. Today I want to show you some examples of how we can restore old photos that have a colour cast on them. So what is a colour cast? There are many reasons why a colour cast happens; but In terms of old photographs, especially those used in this post, it is when one or more of the colours used to print the photo has faded quicker than the others.

Looking through the family photo albums, I wanted to find some images that had been effected by this. In the photo album of Christmas 1983, I found two great examples.

My Dad sitting on my car

The first image I found, features my Dad sitting on one of my Christmas presents from that year - a bright yellow Rolls Royce toy car. I was an extremely happy two year old that year! Looking back at all the photos from that era, everything seems to have been made in autumn inspired colours; brown carpets, brown furniture, people dressed from head to toe in brown. The sales in brown Corduroy must have been at an all time high!

My Dad playing on one of my christmas presents.

After fixing some of the blemishes and other damage on the photo, I started to adjust its colour and tonal levels. As with all older photographs, you will never have a crisp high-definition image at the end of the restoration process, but you will have a image that has character no modern image has.

Anyone who knows my Dad will agree that this image shows my Dads sense of humour off at its best, some things never change!

Christmas dinner clear up

Now we will take a look at the other image from our archive. This was taken on the same day as the image above, Christmas Day 1983. As you can see it shows both my Mum and Gran making a start on the clear up after our Christmas Day Dinner. If you look at the clock on the wall it is around 3pm, The Queen's Speech must have just finished on TV. Sadly washing the dishes back in 1983 would have been a much more laborious task than it is today, There was no sign of a dishwasher in our kitchen back then! Feature walls are not  only a recent invention: we had them in 1983, obviously in autumn colours of course!

Christmas dinner clear up - restored

Just as the image shown above I restored the damage on the photo, then adjusted the colour and tonal levels to correct the colour cast. Now you can see the wallpaper in all its glory - that certainly is a strong pattern!

Every image is special whether it is captured on film, painted on canvas, or retained within our memory. For me it is the images like the one of my Mum and Gran clearing up that I enjoy the most. They represent our lives in their true form. It captures our reality. Standing in front of a camera and sporting our best smile, does not give a true representation of who we are, or the lives we lead. But an image like this one does, it illustrates who we are in the context of where and how we exist in the world.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and if you have any images you would like restored that have been effected by a colour cast please contact me here at Reclick Photo. This type of restoration starts from as little as £5! You can contact me by emailing, with your image(s) attached to or please visit our website for other options and more information.

Thanks for reading!

Hugh at ReClick Photo.

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