Picture postcard: the power of a memory.

A few days ago we decided to take a little meander through our own personal photo archive looking at pictures of our loved ones from yesteryear and reminiscing of the family holidays we had in times gone by. Each image we looked at triggered off emotion in our minds some happiness, others laughter, and some even sadness. Each one capturing a moment is time from the past and brings it immediately into the present. 

In the future we will share a few of these personal images with you to demonstrate what these images really mean to us; hopefully they will make you look at your own images in a different light. We believe a photograph is not just a two dimensional piece of printed photograph paper, it is a moment in time captured in physical form.

A few years ago we travelled around Scotland; up the east coast all the way to John O' Groats; then across our country’s most northerly edge travelling over to the west coast before indulging in a bit of island hopping visiting the isles of Skye, Mull, and Iona; before heading back to our Ayrshire home. 

Image of the beach at Iona

This photograph is of the beach on the beautiful island of Iona, just immediately next to the ferry terminal. This was not the first time we had visited the Island, and to be there again was an absolute delight. If you have not had the chance to visit, please do, because no photograph can do it justice, as we believe it is one of the most beautiful places in Britain.

Whilst on the short ferry journey across the Sound of Iona from Fionnphort, on the Island of Mull, you get to witness the island from the sea and for a brief moment you try to image what it must have been like when St Columba made his way there from his exiled homeland of Ireland in the 6th century A.D.

Stepping off the ferry you immediately realise that you are visiting a very special place. We have travelled to many places over the years but none quite compares to the atmosphere we have experienced there. It is almost as if the island is in a world all of its own, a small individual microcosm on the west coast of Scotland.

As the island is so small, everything is accessible by foot. With cameras in hand we walked around the highlights of the island such as the Iona Nunnery; the Celtic crosses dotted around the island; the stunning Iona Abbey; before stopping for lunch at the St Columba Hotel.

Heading back we decided to stop at the beach next to the pier to wait for the ferry coming in. Sitting on one of the large rocks nestled in the almost white sand we gazed over the magnificent scene before us. Unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to visit a Caribbean island, but here on Iona we were experiencing some of the attributes we associate with one, the fine white sand and the crystal clear water which rippled out reflecting the azure blue sky above. Needless to say we ended up missing the ferry back to Mull, but thankfully we had another half an hour on the island to just sit and do nothing but enjoy the nature that was on show before us. This image was taken during that time and it brings back all the lovely memories of the time we spent there.

As I mentioned before photographs do not do the island justice, well maybe it was our amateur photographic skills back then! So now when revisiting the photographs we took back then, we would like to enhance them so they are more in line with the special memories we have of that memorable day.

Image of the beach at Iona enhanced.

What do you think? This image is more like the memory we have. When we look at something we do not always notice everything. Some aspects are drawn to our attention and others are not. So when it came to the memory we have of this specific view; we could not remember, amongst other things, how many boats were in the water or the debris that had washed onto the shore. Looking back the things we remember most is the white sand with the rocks embedded into it like sculpture, and the crystal clear blue waters that gentle lapped up just in front of our feet. So when it came to enhancing this image we highlighted all these elements and removed some of the elements that were not in our memory. Slightly cropping the image and adjusting the vibrancy of the colour really brought our reminiscences back to life.

If you have any images like this and you want to give them the same treatment please contact us and send us your images to info@reclickphoto.co.uk or why not visit our website www.reclickphoto.co.uk for more information.

Make your memories unforgettable.

Thanks for reading!

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