Image retouching - what are we really looking at?

In today's world we look at copious amount of images in a day, how many do you think have been airbrushed/retouched? The minute you pick up a magazine or newspaper, or see any advertising such as adverts, billboards or flyers, you will almost certainly see a retouched image. The degree to which an image is retouched varies greatly. With some images its just a case of removing blemishes such as moles, spots, scars etc. With others however, the retouching process transforms the image from its original state into almost an illustration, or artwork. This is often when this process becomes a controversial one, because many will look at the image and want to be like the person depicted, instead of looking at it for what is, a two dimension image. Here at ReClick Photo we can provide retouching services for all you image needs. All work will be carried out to your instructions. So whether require the removal of a blemish or scar from a personal photo, or you would like an image retouched for illustrative purposes such as for advertising or publication, we are here to help.

Let us demonstrate what we can do.

woman - before retouching

In this example we will show you the power of retouching. Here is the the final image:

Woman - after retouching

As you can see there is a dramatic difference. Here is an example how you can retouch an image until its almost an illustration. We have completely reshaped the woman's face; altered her features; and removed stray hairs. We also adjusted levels of contrast, and colour in order to change the mood of the image. As you can see this is not a true representation of the the lady who posed for the photograph. In reality this lady doesn't not exist in human form, she is a merely a two dimensional image. So the next time you look at your favourite magazine or when you walk past a billboard, please bear in mind what the the power of image retouching can do, you might see what your looking at in a totally different light.

Now we will show you a different type of retouching.

Image of a man.

What can we do in terms of retouching? Would it surprise you if we said we have already retouched this image? This is an example that photo retouching doesn't have to change the subject of the photograph into something totally different. Everyone has a photo where they think, "why did I have to have a spot on my nose on my wedding day?" or "I wish my hair was longer in that photo!" No matter what the issue is that you have here at ReClick Photo we are here to help.  Wondering was the image was like before we edited it?

Image of a man before retouching

Do you notice the differences? He has ages several years in the space of a few sentences!  If you now compare the two images you will notice the biggest difference is under his eyes. We have also remove some blemishes and smoothed out most of his wrinkles. If every dimple, wrinkle, or slight discolouration was to be removed then we would be running the risk of the image looking unrealistic. For this image we wanted to show that image retouching can be done in a natural and sympathetic way.

Here at ReClick Photo we are here to help with all your image retouching tasks. Please contact us by emailing or visit or website for more information.

Thanks for reading!

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