Weddings: making that special day even more memorable.

When two people, witnessed by their family and friends, commit their life and love to one another it is a very special moment. Not only for the happy couple, but for all those in attendance. How do you capture that moment? How do you trap all the emotions into a two dimensional image? The truth is you can't, but what an image of that special day will do is bring back all the memories of that day and through those memories you can relive the emotions you felt at that moment - even if it was 50 years ago! When it comes to special events such as weddings, photographs play an important part in keeping your memories alive.  Even the most beautiful photographs taken by the hand of a skilled photographer, can fail in capturing the essence of that special day. Sadly photographs can deteriorate if not stored properly, so those treasured images can be ravaged by the effects of time. So here at ReClick Photo we are committed to giving you the images that you wish had been taken as well as restoring back to their former glory the precious moments of the past. Here are a few images of what we can do:

Bride and groom by the river

As you can see this is a beautiful picture but sadly the the bride and groom are slightly  overwhelmed by the landscape. Let's see what we can do.

Bride and groom by the river enhanced

So what do you think?  The main object of this project was to concentrate the focus onto the married couple, and to make the landscape a background rather than a major element. So here's what we did:

  • We cropped the image so that it is portrait rather landscape in format concentrating the focus on the bride and groom. For a future project the image could be used as a beautiful landscape photograph by merely removing the couple for the image. This is a great example of how editing a photograph can serve multiple purposes.
  • We also adjusted various levels such as brightness, contrast, and heightened the amount of colour in order to increase the contrast between the colour in the image and the whiteness of the wedding dress.

Married couple walking down country road.

Here is another example of a wedding photograph. Like the first image above, this photo with the help of editing could serve many purposes.  For example you could remove the couple and replace them with a classic car, or even a rider on horseback. But for this project we will let the happy couple stay where they are. So let's see what we can do.

Married couple walking down country road enhanced

What do you think? Just like the images above we wanted, we wanted to concentrate the focus of the image on to the happy couple. Here's what we did:

  • Firstly, we cropped the image so that the bride and groom were in the centre of the image. All focus is now on them.
  • Secondly we tided up the road area a little, removing some of the debris - just a little housekeeping! The key is not to remove everything, because we still want the image to look authentic. When have you even walked down a country road and every inch of it was pristine?

Could we take this photograph a stage further? Let's thinks creatively:

Married couple walking down country road enhanced further

What Do you think? Here is the finished image, this is what we did:

  • Firstly we decided to isolate the bride and groom, then remove all colour away from the background. The purpose of this was to highlight the happy couple even further so that your eyes are immediately drawn to them.
  • As the articles of clothing worn by the couple are black in white, to further draw attention to them we heightened the colour of the brides bouquet.

If you would like any wedding photographs; whether they are pictures of your own, your friends, other family members special day given similar treatment or any other enhancement please contact us at or please visit or website at for more information.

Thanks for reading!

ReClick Photo.