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After a wonderful long weekend away with friends and family over the bank holiday weekend, we all climbed back into the car and started on our journey back home to Scotland. But there was one place we needed to stop of on the way. It had been over 25 years since we were last in Morecambe and to be absolutely truthful our childhood memories of the seaside town wasn't favourable. Things have certainly changed. Morecambe is currently going through regeneration. Although this process is ongoing, this seaside town is definitely a much changed place. Driving along the Marine road we got a glimpse of the former Frontierland site with the remnants of its former glory still there. But the main purpose of this detour was so we could cast our eyes on a couple of Morecambes attractions.

The first, and the main subject of this post is a fairly recent addition to the towns promenade. After a quick scout about, then a quick search on Google maps via my phone we found it. Situated within its own specially landscape area of the promenade surrounded with inscriptions of famous catchphrases and the names of celebrity guest stars who appeared on his television shows, stands one of Morecambes famous faces - John Eric Bartholomew otherwise known by his stage name Eric Morecambe.  


As you can imagine, as we looked at the statue we just smiled and we all started to talk about our favourite moments from the famous television specials Eric and his sidekick Ernie Wise used to make. Who could forget their famous breakfast sketch! 

Unfortunately it was really crowded so sadly I could only manage a quick snap, as everyone one was desperate to get their photograph taken with the statue - most of whom did it whilst mimicking the same pose! Next time I am in Morecambe we will try and get their early in the morning when no one is around ( especially before the coach trips appear!) and take photographs to our hearts content.

As you can see the image is not ideal but there is a few things we can do make this a much better image.


So what do you think? Now the statue is the star of the show (pardon the pun!). First we cropped the image in such a way that the statue is in the centre of the image. As you can see in the first image there is a few elements which are drawing your attention away from the main focus - the statue. Although litter bins and benches and members of the public are part of everyday life, when it comes to a photograph they don't have to be there if they do not serve any purpose. Just call it artistic liscence! When it come to photo retouching it is not only what you can remove from a photograph, sometimes things can be added to enhance what is already there. It terms of this image we decided to add additional balustrade so that it runs the whole width of the image, providing a more balanced background.

As you can see with just a few enhancements a quick holiday snap can be turned into a photograph you can take great pleasure in looking at time after time.

If you have any images that you would like to give the same treatment as above please send them to us at, or visit our website for more options. 

Thanks for reading!

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