Ships ahoy!


On the Spring bank holiday we had the privilege of visiting Liverpool to witness the three great Queens of the Cunard line sail majestically down the River Mersey to celebrate the 175th anniversary of this famous shipping line. It's not everyday you get the chance to witness international maritime history so as you can imagine we were all standing at the Liverpool's Pier Head standing on our tip-toes, with our arms stretched high into the air with our cameras in our hands filling our SD cards with as many photographs as we possibly could before our arms got too sore or we got cramp in our legs. In terms of art, design, and architecture sometimes the famous idiom "less is more" is very appropriate, but standing at the Pier Head in amongst a vast crowd of over a million people more is certainly greater than less in the quest to capture the perfect picture. Sadly sometimes as much as you try to capture the perfect picture it can remain just outside our reach. So here at ReClick Photo we can take what you have and transform it into the picture you want. Here is an example from the photos we managed to take:

Original photo of two of the Cunard ships.

This is the image as it was taken. Notice how the image is rather dull, and there are a few elements in the picture that draw your attention away from the two great Cunard ships. So let's see what we can do.

Enhanced image of the Cunard ships

Things have certainly brightened up a bit. With a few adjustments the photograph now properly represents the weather conditions as they were on the day it was taken. Have you noticed anything missing? We decided to remove the birds positioned above the ships. Why? We did so because we felt that they are as slight distraction. The main focus is the ships and we want to do what we can to enhance that. So what can we do to enforce that?

Artistic enhancement of Cunard ships

Here is the finished image. As you can see we decided to desaturate the colour from the crowd of people in the foreground. We believe that this the most effective way in shifting all the focus on to the ships as your eye is immediately drawn to the flashes of red of the funnels on these great ships.

So as you can see a few small enhancements to a photo can turn it into something really special. When we stood at the Pier Head in Liverpool on that day, our main focus was looking at the ships and we weren't really interested in the individuals in the crowd. Now our photograph reflects how we felt and what we experienced on the day.

Do you have any photographs that you would like to be enhanced it this way? Please visit for more information, or why not email us direct with your image to info@reclickphoto to see what we can do.

Thanks for reading!

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