Comedy gold

After all the excitement of seeing the Cunard queens on the bank holiday we carried on doing our touristy thing with our friends and family. . .well we were on holiday! Liverpool is such a great city to visit with so many great things to see and do. so that means lots of things to take photos of too! Like all town and cities, Liverpool is many public works of art for everyone to admire and enjoy. On departing our train from Lime Street Station, right in the heart of the city, you can't help but notice two sculptures of famous faces from the city; Bessie Braddock and Ken Dodd . Statue of Ken Dodd in Lime Street Station Liverpool.

As you can see the picture that was taken is rather dull. A little enhancement is in order.

Enhanced image of the statue of Ken Dodd in Lime Street Station Liverpool.

With the image adjusted you can see the statue in better detail. Whether you are a fan of Ken Dodd or not, when you see this statue it definitely brings a smile to your face. For some it'll engage your chuckle muscle!

"What is a laugh? Anatomically speaking, a laugh starts here in your diagram. It works its way up through your clack and out through your titter valve."

Ken Dodd

After a wonderful long weekend away with friends and family, we all climbed back into the car and started on our journey back home to Scotland. But there was one place we needed to stop of on the way. To be continued .....