About ReClick Photo


Taking all of his years of artistic experience and training, in 2015 Glasgow School of Art graduate Hugh Donald created ReClick Photo. 

ReClick Photo offers both image retouching and image restoration services. Hugh also shares with you his lifelong passion for photography and design by creating distinctive art work for both your home and your business. 

With the ReClick Photo online shop you can now purchase unique and creative products for your home and to give as grifts from friends and loved ones.  to visit our store please click the button below. To be the first to know when new services and products are available, please sign up for our free newsletter.

If you have any queries, need more information on any of our services, or you would like to send us some feed back thank please contact us via the button below. we are more than happy to help.

Here at ReClick Photo we like a challenge, so if it is a photograph that has been torn into several pieces, or you would like a custom artwork, then please don't hesitate to contact us. 

"The origins of ReClick Photo lie in my childhood. Inside an old suitcase, all gathered in albums and paper wallets, are my Grandparents lifetimes collection of photographs. As a child I spent many happy times looking through all of them. Seeing how each image would trigger emotions and memories of the past for my Grandparents and other family members made me realise for the first time the power of the photograph. its beauty not only lies on its two-dimensional surface, it is also in how it connects with you emotionally. Triggering memories, experiences and emotions that are personal only to you."

Hugh Donald